Could my child get bitten by another child?

Could my child get bitten by another child? Why can this happen?

There are many things which staff do to prevent biting being an issue at Snugglepot Kindyland. Two such things are the provision of plentiful resources to avoid sharing issues and encouraging children to “use their words” to resolve their differences.

Biting is a fairly common behaviour in toddlers which is largely due to their limited language skills. About 50% of toddlers will go through a biting stage and it is not considered a real concern until they are over 3 years of age. Despite this, bites are fairly rare but still occur. If your child is bitten by another child, it can be quite distressing for you, but it is usually only a short lived for your child. The children frequently go straight back to play with the same child in many circumstances.

Many children are more distressed about having an ice-pack applied than by the actual bite. If your child is one which goes through a biting phase you may feel embarrassed and upset for the other children. There are a number of strategies which you can do at home in partnership with the centre to hasten your child through the stage. The educators will also become quickly aware of what circumstances might result in a bite and will intervene to prevent them occurring.

There are some health risks associated with biting, but under normal circumstances these risks are extremely minimal. If a child is aged over three and is exhibiting biting behaviours, parents are consulted with the view to professional intervention.